About Us

Goonhammer is an independent website where we write about the games and hobbies we love and foster a diverse and inclusive community around those games and hobbies. We believe that there’s a place for longform, written content about these games and hobbies and an interest in that content among a diverse group of people who share our passions.

Founded in 2018 by former posters from the SomethingAwful forums, Goonhammer is a collaborative effort from talented writers, engineers, and artists across the world, but based primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, and  Canada. Currently, our main output is based around Games Workshop games, and we aim to cover all aspects of those games – casual, competitive, painting, and hobby.

We’re expanding continuously beyond Games Workshop content to talk about board games, card games, and video games – if it’s a game we love, we’ll talk about it. Well, provided we can find someone on our staff to write about it.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email. Shoot us a note to contact@goonhammer.comEspecially if you have questions about an army list for Warhammer. We love to answer those. Our writers are keen attendees of cons and tournaments as well, so if you see one of us at an event, stop by and say hello.

Goonhammer is part of Goonhammer, LLC, a member-founded and operated company we founded to run this whole mess.

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How can I support Goonhammer?

We have a Patreon! Click the link on the side of the page and consider helping us out. The money our patrons donate goes towards covering our server costs, running contests and events, and expanding the site. We also sell shirts and other merchandise through our Redbubble store.

I want to write for Goonhammer!

If you’re interested in contributing to Goonhammer, send us an email at contact@goonhammer.comNote that we do NOT accept unsolicited article submissions and will not read them.

I’d like Goonhammer to review a game or product of mine.

We’re always interested in working with partners on reviewing new products. Goonhammer does not take paid reviews or advertorials, but we’ll happily work with you on review copies. Get in touch with us on the contact@goonhammer.com address.