How to Support Goonhammer

Do you love Goonhammer? Do you ever think “wow, I’d love to give those guys money, but I just don’t know how?” We have the page for you! There’s a range of great ways to support the site and fund the construction of the oft-rumoured Goonhammer Towers (location undisclosed). Wish there was something you could buy that we don’t sell? Get in touch at and let us know about it.

Alternatively, if you hate us and think we’re destroying the hobby – how did you get here? Go do something you enjoy.


Do you want to do nothing at all? Great. In December 2021 we sold our souls to the Great Satan and started running ads on our site. All you have to do is give us your sweet, sweet clicks and as if by magic that turns into money, unless you’re smart and run AdBlock, anyway. You do you, we’re not gonna beg you to whitelist us or anything.


Love Crusade, but hate the paperwork? Then check out Administratum, the premier way to manage your Crusade campaign. Administratum has a huge range of helpful features to make every part of your campaign easier to run, and Fabricator General Pendulin is adding more all the time.

What about actually playing games, though? We’ve got you covered. The Tabletop Battles App helps keep your scoring on track, whether you’re playing competitive games with the latest GT pack or a more chilled-out Tempest of War match. The app is a replacement for ITC Battles App, made by the same developer but with a ton of new features and improvements added. You can find it here:

(Note: as of December 2022 TTBA is still in beta, as reflected in its store listings)

As a bonus, if you register for either app your account works for both – no need to sign up twice.


If you want to support us directly, you can sign up as a Patron. There’s a range of tiers to suit all tastes, from the highly affordable $2 Every Bit Counts up to the $50 Goku S-Class Gold Ultra, which you’ll need your power meter to access. The benefits you get depend on tier – including additional features for Administratum and Tabletop Battles App – but the most important one is available at every level, as any Patron can turn off ads on Goonhammer. Want to support the site but hate seeing ads for dick pills? First, stop searching for dick pills because that shit is tailored to your interests, but second, throw two bucks a month our way and they’ll be gone forever.


We have a range of partners in our affiliate programme, and we add more from time to time. If you’re gonna buy from these sources anyway, then using the affiliate link helps us out too. If you want to know more about our policy – how we choose our partners and how we keep ourselves independent from them – you can read our affiliate links statement here. If you just want to purchase an unreasonable amount of plastic, you can find the links to our partners below:

  • Para Bellum Wargames, makers of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings – US/Canada and Rest of World. You will also need to enter the code “goonhammer” at checkout
  • Element Games, carriers of just about every gaming product you can think of – Worldwide.
  • Wargames Atlantic, maker of multi-part plastic kits for fantasy, historicals and scifi militaries. Massive variety and endlessly expanding ranges shipping worldwide from the US, EU and UK – wherever you are you can use this link
  • Elegoo make clever and quality 3D printers, as Kevin found in his review of the Mars 3 Pro 4K. Use the code MKT_Goonhammer to get a further 10$ off any order over 100$.
  • Battlebling make a wide variety of third party bits to help your models stand out on the tabletop – particularly if you are into Adeptus Titanicus or Horus Heresy!


If there’s a piece of Goonhammer art you love and you want it on a sticker, shirt, mug, shower curtain – you can buy any of those and more in our Redbubble store.

Do you want dice? Baron of Dice carries the official Goonhammer and Gregbot dice, sold in sets of 25, 50, or 69 (nice). Now when you roll a 6 to auto-wound, you an also advertise your love of Goonhammer or its terrifying robot overlord.