Administratum: The Multiplayer Update

Okay, I get it. “The Multiplayer Update” is a bit of an odd term, given that all games of Warhammer 40,000 are inherently multiplayer. At least, they are until we get some awesome co-op/solo ruleset like a “Heroes of the Segmentum Solar Sector”. But with today’s update Administratum is more multi- in its -player than ever before!

Multiplayer Games

Have you played an epic four player, tag-team game of Warhammer recently? I can see it now. Guilliman strutting in ringside with the Golden Folding Throne, tagging in after Lion “The Lion” El’Jonson chokeslams Magnus 16 feet straight into the Warp. And what’s this? Magnus is looking to tag out, but Vashtorr is stuck outside in the parking lot, having accidentally locked himself inside his own 1983 Datsun and then losing the keys.

Don’t you worry, this perfect moment will be archived for all eternity in Administratum with Multiplayer Games, now available for all Validated Games!

Let’s Get Ready to legally-distinct-for-trademark-purposes Rummmmble!

What about a combination of players and parties that isn’t listed? Play a 3v1v1 recently? Or how about a 10 player free for all, or some other strange combination of players and team? All of it is supported with Custom Game Types. Create any number of parties and assign each any number of players to record the wildest and weirdest of games.

5D Games With Multiteam Time Travel

But Pendulin, I hear you say, what about my campaign’s team scoring? How do Multiplayer Games work if two players on different teams join forces to put down a common enemy? Do the team share the credit for their victory? Does this mean that each player gets proportional credit awarded to them for earning points on their ally’s teams? Why, with questions like that, it’s almost like you are reading straight from the patch notes!

Earn fractional points for assisting other teams with their games!

Multiplayer Games also work with the Conquests on your campaigns in the exact same way. No additional set up required, simply throw down on the tabletop and let Administratum handle the paperwork!

Teams – Front and Center

When recording a Validated Game, the teams associated with each party are now visible. And on Multiplayer Games, Administratum will automatically do the combinatorics to figure out the correct combination of teams that the party should be tagged with. That’s Team Maths, baby!

Yeah, I took this screenshot with two of my own rosters. I was lazy.

Games – Prettier Than Ever

Today’s update also tosses in some UI polish. The Games tab on each of your campaigns, rosters, and units have been cleaned up, making it easier to read at a glance. Huzzah, usability!

Your own username will be highlighted in blue to help you quickly scan for your own games.

And because roughly 200% of users are on mobile devices like 300% of the time, the Games tab now responsively switches to a mobile-friendly view for smaller devices. Isn’t CSS great?

CSS: The best choice given no alternatives

This update also comes packed with bugfixes and other small changes. Heck, some of them are even captured in the Patch Notes below. I’ll leave the full list as an exercise to readers of my Git commits (because I’m surely not going to go back and read them).

Patch Notes: 2023-08-20

  • Added
    • Multiplayer Games
    • Multiplayer Games – When creating a Validated Game, you may now first select what type of game you are playing. The default is a standard 1v1, but there are also quick options for the following: 2v2, 4 Player Free For All, 3v3, 2v1, and 1v1v1.
    • Multiplayer Games – Custom Game Type – If none of the quick options matches your game, then you can create a Custom Game Type and manually add any number of parties, each of which may have any number of players
    • Multiplayer Games – Teams – Teams has been updated to work with Multiplayer Games
      • Each party independently earns points for their respective teams. So if you win a 1v1v1 game, then you will earn points for your team equal to the “Victory” team setting, and each of your opponents will earn points equal to the “Defeat” team setting.
      • If a party is composed of multiple player, then credit for those team points will be evenly divided among them
      • If a party is composed of multiple teams, then credit for those team points will be evenly divided among players on that team, regardless of whether or not that player has joined that team. This means if an “Attacker” allies with a “Defender” in a 2v1 game, then each of those two players will be credited with earning points for the other’s team. Sharing is caring.
    • Multiplayer Games – Conquest – Conquest has been updated to work with Multiplayer Games
      • This functions identically to Teams, where credit for a victory is shared among all players on a party
      • Example: A 2000 point game has an “ante” of 3 shares of control. Each party participating in that game “bids” that amount of control from the territory. If the game is a four player free for all, then the winner will receive 9 shares of control for their victory – they get their own ante back, and then receive the three “3 shares of control” bid from each of their opponents.
  • Changed
    • Campaign, Roster, Units Page – Games Tab – Updated with new UI that supports Multiplayer Games
    • Campaign, Roster, Units Page – Games Tab – Updated with responsive layout for mobile devices
    • Campaign, Roster, Units Page – Games Tab – Your own username will be highlighted in blue to help you quickly scan for your own games
    • Campaign, Roster, Units Page – Games Tab – Filters have been temporarily removed but now all games are displayed without pagination, which means Ctrl+F can help you find games even faster
    • Roster Page – Dashboard Tab – Supply Limit widget now steps up and down by 100 points instead of 1
    • Roster Page – Units Tab – Clicking anywhere other than the expand icon now sends you to the unit details
    • Unit Page – Dashboard Tab – Battle Scar widget has been updated for Crusade 10th edition
    • Unit Page – Dashboard Tab – Crusade Point widget no longer has a minimum value of 0
    • Adjusted padding and text color on dialogs across the site
    • Conquest – Default Maximum Morale adjusted from 1 to 100
      • Morale is not percent-based, instead it’s a quantifiable tally with “morale” being the unit of measurement. That is, it would not be accurate to say that winning a game awards some percent of morale, but it would be accurate to say that winning a game could award “3 morale”.
    • Conquest – Games Tab – Updated UI to accommodate Multiplayer Games
    • Validated Games – Score – The Score textbox now has + and – buttons that quickly add or remove 5 points
    • Validated Games – UI validation is performed at checkpoints during game creation. For example, you cannot go past the “Select Players” step until you select all players for the game.
    • The order of game parties and players (e.g. which player is on the left and which is on the right) is now persisted and should be consistent on different pages throughout Administratum
  • Fixed
    • Fixed bug where default Crusade Points for Antiquity Crusade Relics in 10th edition was too low
    • Fixed bug where Add Game dialog didn’t immediately close when clicking either Solo or Validated games
    • Fixed a bug where removing a Battle Scar reduced Crusade Points instead of increasing it
    • Fixed a bug where campaign names and descriptions that were longer than the maximum length (1000 characters) were allowed, resulting in campaign creation failing and a white screen
    • Fixed a bug where deleting the last team on a teamset caused an existing Conquest to not load correctly
    • Fixed a bug where campaigns with exactly two rosters that are on different teams could have the incorrect teams associated with them
    • Fixed a bug where Conquests failed to load if the campaign had recorded a team game, but one of the players of that game has subsequently left their team. At least, I think that’s what was happening. I changed some code and things started working ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Fixed a bug where Validated Games on 9th Edition campaigns failed to submit in some situations

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